That Recommender Systems Lab

That Recommender Systems Lab is a research group in the Department of Information Science in the College of Communications, Media, and Information at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Our research investigates recommender systems and other personalized systems, especially as these systems are deployed in complex and socially-sensitive settings, such as philanthropy, news, and employment. Our current projects center on multistakeholder recommendation, and in particular, fairness-aware recommendation.

We invite applications for funded PhD positions in the area of recommender systems fairness, including both computational and qualitative/HCI approaches. Applicants from groups traditionally underrepresented in computing are encouraged to apply. You may apply either to the Department of Information Science or the Department of Computer Science. Application information is here. See also this FAQ page and this page on our PhD program.

Some members of TRSL were formerly part of the Center for Web Intelligence in the School of Computing at DePaul University.

Sponsorship and collaboration

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